Curricular Framework

Curricular Framework is the road map to guide how we do what we do in OST programming; use these resources to help get you started.  If you need additional support or have questions - fill out our Request Technical Assistance form in Quick Links and check out the activity videos in our 5 Minute Edge for Frontline Staff playlist on YouTube. 

For deeper learning on this subject, consider enrolling in our course School-Age Curricular Framework.  Course availability can be found on our landing page.

View the YoungStar - Wisconsin Afterschool Network School-Age Curricular Framework Content Areas document.

Curricular Framework

Display this School-Age Curricular Framework poster in your program.

SACF poster










Use these Easy Sheets to help you think about activities, materials and interactions for each of the content areas. Level 1 Easy Sheets are a good starting place; Level 2 Easy Sheets are a little more complex.

View a fillable Weekly Lesson Plan form

Lesson Plan

View the Program Inventory document

Program Inventory








View the Quality in Afterschool Programming document

Quality Programming










View NAA's Games That Build the 4CS