Our Team

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.               

Ifeanyi Enoch Onucha                                                        

    Linda Eisele
Randy Neve
Network Lead
  Stan Kocos
Policy & Advocacy Lead
  Linda Eisele
Professional Development Lead
        Dan Gage
Jennifer Smith
Program Coordinator
  Sarah Bangart
Educator and Coach
  Dan Gage


Randy Neve has been with MCHS since 1998 and network lead since 2008. Randy’s career has been dedicated to youth related health issues on a local, regional and state level. A theme throughout his tenure has been partnership development. 

Stan Kocos, WAN Consultant for Policy Advocacy and Education provides technical support for the network’s advocacy education efforts and the development and implementation of a policy agenda. Mr. Kocos brings more than 40 years of diverse related experience as a former public-school administrator with responsibility for Expanded Learning in an urban district; a former CEO of a Boys & Girls Club, and a former Childcare Administrator. He has been actively involved with WAN since its inception in 2005 and served as one of the network’s first chairpersons. His lobbying efforts toward the passage of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act garnered him a Presidential invitation for the White House signing ceremony and coverage of his bi-partisan efforts in Time magazine.  

Linda Eisele is currently the professional development lead for the Wisconsin Afterschool Network and has been with the network since its inception in 2005. Linda began her career as an extension home economist in Missouri specializing in child and family development.  She later received a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She was editor of publications for St Mary’s Hospital in Madison and served in various administrative positions with the Wisconsin Youth Company.  Prior to her retirement in 2012, she served as a childcare specialist for the City of Madison Child Care Unit providing training and technical assistance to programs seeking City of Madison Accreditation.   She was an endorser for the National Afterschool Association Accreditation and before retirement, presented many workshops at the National Afterschool Association annual conferences. She is a Registry approved master trainer. 

Jennifer Smith has been with Marshfield Clinic Health System since 2014. Jennifer earned her M.Ed. from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and has worked in spaces supporting children and adolescents for over 25 years.  Jennifer began as a public-school teacher, transitioned to a community-based youth program and now supports out-of-school time programs and program staff throughout the state of Wisconsin in her work with the Wisconsin Afterschool Network.  

Sarah Bangart has been a health educator with Marshfield Clinic Health System since 2017.  Throughout her career, Sarah has worked in the public-school setting, within Extension – University of Wisconsin - Madison (previously UW-Extension) and with community-based agencies.    

Dan GageWAN consultant for advocacy, education, and outreach, specializes in building alliances for out-of-school time programs. With a background in public education and leadership roles at the Green Bay Education Association, Dan brings practical experience to his role. As a former social studies teacher, he emphasizes collaboration and grassroots efforts to enhance educational opportunities for students in out-of-school time settings.