Behavior Guidance

Behavior Guidance is one of the most popular topics for OST staff; use these resources to help get you started.  If you need additional support or have questions - fill out our Request Technical Assistance form in Quick Links and check out our Mental-Emotional WellnessTrauma Informed Care, and Behavior Guidance videos in our 5 Minute Edge for Frontline Staff playlists on YouTube.

For deeper learning on this subject, consider enrolling in our course Guiding Children's Behavior in Out-of-School Time Programs.  Course availability can be found on our landing page.

Use this Behavior Guidance Filter to help staff navigate challenging situations.

Transitions can be a challenging time for children and youth. Check out these articles from Child Mind Institute - Why Do Kids Have Trouble With Transitions? and How Can We Help Kids With Transitions? to support you in navigating one of the more challenging times in programming.

Child Mind Institute




Check out this article Supports to Decrease Fight or Flight Behaviors from Edutopia

Fight or Flight






Visit the Search Institute to learn about the Developmental Relationships Framework and access this guide for more information.

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