YoungStar is designed to help Wisconsin’s child care providers be as successful as possible. YoungStar's 5 Star rating system gives providers like you an objective measure of program quality. It rewards excellence and offers programs a clear and continuous path to improvement. Use these resources to help get you started.  If you need additional support or have questions - fill out our Request Technical Assistance form in Quick Links.

Meet WOSTA's School-Age YoungStar Connect Team

Aimee Hubacher Bridget Cullen Connie Williams
Aimee Hubacher
Northern Region
Bridget Cullen
Northeast Region
Connie Williams 
Southern Region
 Kris Brunberg  Matt Rodriguez  Jen Smith
Kris Brunberg
Western Region
Matt Rodriguez
Southeast Region
Jennifer Smith
Content Specialist

Getting Started with YoungStar

Wisconsin Out of School Time Alliance has a collection of resources to help you navigate YoungStar as a school-age provider.

YoungStar Criteria







View this 3-Star Checklist and visit Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) for the full School-Age Criteria to help you get started.

View the YoungStar School-Age Self-Assessment or Day Camp/Short Term Operational Program Self-Assessment on the DCF website - as well as other YoungStar accepted school-age self-assessments. After completion of a self-assessment, use this School-Age Quality Improvement Plan to help you on your quality improvement journey.

DAE Checklist







Use this fillable Developmentally Appropriate Environment checklist to track your interest areas, materials, content areas and more

Environment Checklist








Use this fillable School-Age Environment checklist to evaluate your space






Use this fillable Program Inventory to assess your program materials