Out of School time programs provide kids, families, and entire communities with innumerable benefits. However, sometimes the biggest barrier to accessing programs and the benefits we provide is literally getting kids in the door

Transportation access, or lack thereof, has an enormous impact on OST programs and the families we serve. Whether your program exists in a major city or in a rural community, a host of issues can make getting kids in the door challenging. Providers in urban spaces often lament the challenges of young people trying to navigate complicated public transit systems and unsafe walking routes. Rural providers commonly deal with long commutes for kids to and from program hubs - commutes which are often affected by inclement weather. No matter where you are located, schools and programs continue to feel the effects of the ongoing bus driver shortage. When we are lucky enough to have access to dependable bussing, it remains incredibly costly and often options are limited. At the family level, many Wisconsinites do not enjoy the privilege of access to a safe, reliable vehicle that they can use at their disposal. When taking all these factors into consideration, it seems like no small miracle that we manage to have any children arrive at all!