Summer Day Camp Sessions

Returning to the New Normal:
Summer Day Camp Institute

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March 26th – Widening Our Camper Audience in COVID Recovery
Presenter: Kelly Coulthard, Spark 2 Ember Consulting
There are more campers out there than we reach on a daily basis. Kelly will lead an interactive session that addresses where campers live (urban and rural) and discuss the disproportionality of access to resources, the current disconnect of campers and families with afterschool/school programs, and the opportunities we as youth professionals have to engage new audiences and re-engage with those who have dropped out of sight.

April 9th – If You Build It, They Don’t Necessarily Come
Presenter: Dr. Bernhagen, Director for the Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning, UW-Stevens Point
Our work is just beginning in reaching new audiences while serving those already engaged in day camp programming. Dr. Bernhagen will lead an interactive session on how to better engage low-income and underserved communities no matter if you live in Milwaukee or Madison or Barron or Sparta. A specific focus on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and the impacts on these underserved communities will be discussed.

April 16th – Safely Running Camp in COVID Recovery
Presenter: Dr. Gaslin, Executive Director, Association of Camp Nursing
There are many intricacies involved in the safe operation of day camp programs in light of the COVID pandemic. Like the moving staircases at Hogwarts, it seemingly changes daily and you may not be sure which protocol should be in place. How can you create a safety bubble? Should your staff be vaccinated before they begin work with you? What else do you need to consider in addition to social distancing, sanitizing, handwashing, masking and other safety protocol? Dr. Gaslin will review the safety and operational considerations around opening your day camp program. As the Executive Director for the Association of Camp Nursing, Dr. Gaslin has worked in partnership for over a year with the American Camp Association, and the Center for Disease Control to promote health and wellness practices for the camp environment.

April 23rd – Communicating and Managing COVID Protocols
Presenter: Kurt R. Podeszwa, Camp Director, Camp for All
You’ve put protocols in place for safely operating camp this summer, now what? How do you engage your staff, campers, and families so they are aware and buy into the practices that are put in place? Kurt will provide an interactive and engaging session on how to best communicate and manage COVID protocols with campers, families, staff and stakeholders. Ideas generated during this session will be ready to implement immediately once you finish the session.

April 30th – Building Coping Skills in a Time of Ongoing Trauma
Presenter: Matthew Cook, Chief Program Officer, Camp Korey
The COVID-pandemic has been with us for over a year and in that time we continue to live in an environment of ongoing trauma as challenges and new demands with the virus shift and change daily. In this current state of the great unknown, children and even staff may present behaviors that may require more than usual response. Marty Cook will provide you with practical plans, tips and resources to address challenging situations and behaviors in a time of ongoing stress and trauma.

May 7th – Day Camp Programs as Community Hubs
Presenter: Kelly Coulthard, Spark 2 Ember Consulting
Our afterschool and day camp programs can be a lifeline for campers and families. Day camp programs can serve as community hubs for campers and families that may be challenged with child-care options, food insecurity, access to health care and more. This session will help you think through key considerations of implementing a community hub that addresses a safe place for children and youth, partnerships with local food pantries, community meal programs and access to professional services.