Program Design

From program start to end, a high quality program takes into account all elements of program quality. The design is purposeful in how that time is used to meet the program mission and goals, how it meets the needs of the youth and contributes to the intended child outcomes. It not only includes the activities, but the impact of the physical environment, the routines and schedules, the relationship and engagement with youth and their families.


Afterschool Curriculum Ideas

A quality program provides a well-rounded variety of activities and opportunities that support the physical, social and cognitive growth and development of all participants.

Activity Plans


Indoor Games

Health and Wellness

Afterschool programs are an ideal venue to improve the health and wellness of our children and youth. They ensure daily physical activity and provide nutritious snacks and meals.


Intentionality of Programming

Quality programs provide a planned, purposeful approach to youth programming that has at least one primary purpose, goal, or learning objective to benefits youth through building on their knowledge and skill base or providing new experiences. It also assures that staff know what and why they are doing the selected activities and are prepared to do them.


Older Youth

Afterschool programs are not only for younger student- older youth can also benefit from all that afterschool programs have to offer.